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Matt Michetti is the Founder/Owner of Real Muzic Entertainment. Widely regarded as the most influential music executive at his age in the industry. He is in charge of any and every decision made within the company. Prior to opening Real Muzic as a public company, he was a local artist in the town of Orlando, FL. After years with ups and downs, the company finally became strong and fulfilling. During that time, he oversaw his company's rapid evolution from a record company into a full-fledged music entertainment company.

Tony Mcuary is a Manager with Real Muzic Entertainment. From August 2012 when he joined the company, he has been helping lead the artists with all his knowledge in the music industry. He does anything from planning events to taking calls at the office. If anyone needs help or advice, he is always the man to go to.

Brandon Palmer is a Road Manager with Real Muzic Entertainment. He handles all the business on the road as far as shows, or even random studio sessions that may come about. This man is all business and nothing but. That's why he is perfect for Real Muzic. He gets things done when they need to be, no excuses.